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About Echo of the Star:

Christine Hilbert's debut children's book, Echo of the Star is the story of a kind star who shares a bit of its sparkle with its friends as morning comes. The illustrations are a part of Hilbert's ongoing Heirloom Anthology series of watercolor paintings combined with vintage gems. The vibrant and unique imagery combined with an attainable message of sharing joy and love when friends go away offer something for children and adults alike. It holds a beautiful message of how to find a way to carry on the memory of all special relationships when things change. The 8x10 hardcover book is available online below and at various events around Iowa.

Upcoming Events:

May 22-July 11, 2018, Heirloom Anthology art exhibition, Des Moines Public Library Main Branch Art Gallery, Second Floor, 1000 Grand Ave. Des Moines IA

Wednesday June 27, 2018, 2pm Des Moines Public Library Main Branch, 1000 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA: Artist Workshop & Book Reading